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Clip exponential in ffunc to avoid overflow

This should avoid (hopefully) some possible FloatingPointError overflow errors.

The sigmoid function ffunc is for any x<-20 and x>20 already 0 resp. 1 up to 10^-9
and cutting will therefore not change the function substantially.

This idea is from @tmbdev in
Implemented first in
Additional infos from
parent fc525cb2
...@@ -380,7 +380,8 @@ class MLP(Network): ...@@ -380,7 +380,8 @@ class MLP(Network):
def ffunc(x): def ffunc(x):
"Nonlinearity used for gates." "Nonlinearity used for gates."
return 1.0/(1.0+exp(-x)) # cliping to avoid overflows
return 1.0/(1.0+exp(clip(-x,-20,20)))
def fprime(x,y=None): def fprime(x,y=None):
"Derivative of nonlinearity used for gates." "Derivative of nonlinearity used for gates."
if y is None: y = sigmoid(x) if y is None: y = sigmoid(x)
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