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## Roadmap
The major change in ocropy wil likely be a refactoring so that there are separate packages for:
- preprocessing and layout analysis
- text line recognition (Python version)
- isolated character recognition using local learning
- data generation
- language modeling
A lot of excellent packages have become available for deep learning, vision, and GPU computing over the last few years.
At the same time, it has become feasible now to address problems like layout analysis and text line following
through attentional and reinforcement learning mechanisms. I (@tmb) am planning on developing new software using these
new tools and techniques for the traditional document analysis tasks. These will become available as separate
Note that for text line recognition and language modeling, you can also use the CLSTM command line tools. Except for taking different command line options, they are otherwise drop-in replacements for the Python-based text line recognizer.
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