Commit a92af7a9 authored by Philipp Zumstein's avatar Philipp Zumstein
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Adjust reading order when there are no columns

When there are no columns white separators and no black
columns separators, then we determine the reading order
by simply looking which line is above which other lines.
parent 1d777cca
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ def extract_masked(image,linedesc,pad=5,expand=0):
line = where(mask,line,amax(line))
return line
def reading_order(lines,highlight=None,debug=0):
def reading_order(lines,nocolumns=False,highlight=None,debug=0):
"""Given the list of lines (a list of 2D slices), computes
the partial reading order. The output is a binary 2D array
such that order[i,j] is true if line i comes before line j
......@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ def reading_order(lines,highlight=None,debug=0):
clf(); title("highlight"); imshow(binary); ginput(1,debug)
for i,u in enumerate(lines):
for j,v in enumerate(lines):
if x_overlaps(u,v):
if x_overlaps(u,v) or nocolumns:
if above(u,v):
order[i,j] = 1
......@@ -388,7 +388,10 @@ def process1(job):
if not args.quiet: print_info("finding reading order")
lines = psegutils.compute_lines(segmentation,scale)
order = psegutils.reading_order([l.bounds for l in lines])
if args.maxcolseps>0 or args.blackseps:
order = psegutils.reading_order([l.bounds for l in lines])
order = psegutils.reading_order([l.bounds for l in lines], nocolumns=True)
lsort = psegutils.topsort(order)
# renumber the labels so that they conform to the specs
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