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# decker
A markdown based tool for slide deck creation.
## Usage
*decker* behaves very much like a build tool. It works recursively on the current
directory and all subdirectories. Markdown files ending on `.md` in those
directories are processed and converted to either a reveal.js slide show, a HTML
document, or a PDF document, depending on the file name.
: Files with this ending are processed as silde decks. From one source file
potentially four different targets can be generated:
- `*-deck.html` A reveal.js based slide show
- `*-handout.hmtl` A HTML document containing the speaker notes to the
slide show.
- `*-deck.pdf` A PDF version of the slide show
- `*-handout.pdf` A PDF version of the handout
: Markdown files ending on `*` are translated into corresponding HTML
or PDF documents.
## *decker* targets
decker help
: Prints this document to stdout in Markdown format.
decker html
: Builds HTML versions of all available documents.
decker pdf
: Builds PDF versions of all documents that are generated from
`*` files.
decker pdf-decks
: Builds PDF versions of all slide decks.
decker watch
: Builds HTML versions of all documents and then watches for document changes.
Each change to a watched document triggers a rebuild. Watching can be
terminated with `^C`.
decker server
: Like `decker watch`. Additionally a local web server is started that serves
the generated HTML files. The `index.html` document is automatically openend
in the browser. Changed files are automatically reloaded in the browser.
decker example
: Write a few example files to the current directory. To start exploring decker
``` {.bash}
$ decker example
$ decker server
and make some changes to the Markdown files. `` contains the
source code for a slide deck that explains most of the features supported.
decker clean
: Recursively removes all generated files from the current directory.
decker check
: Check for all required external depencies. If one of the programs is missing,
an error is generated. Required programs include:
- `pdflatex` as part of a complete LaTeX installation
- `` for the generation of PDF versions of slide decks
- `livereloadx` as live-reloading local webserver
- `rsync` to publish the documents to a remote location
decker plan
: Prints a list of all source files found below the current directory.
decker meta
: Pretty prints all meta data that can be found in `*.yaml` files in the
current directory and below. Meta data is mainly used to perform
substitutions in Markdown documents using the Mustache templating system.
decker publish
: Publish the generated files to a remote location using `rsync` if the
location is specified in the meta data. The keys `` and
`rsync-destination.path` specify the publishing destination.
decker clean-cache
: Remove all cached image files. Subsequent document builds will use the
original remote images.
## Installation
## Development
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