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Update; Remove references to docker container

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......@@ -89,21 +89,6 @@ a HTML document, or a PDF document, depending on the file name.
Markdown files ending on `*` are translated into corresponding HTML
or PDF documents.
### Docker container
We provide prebuild docker containers. You may use them in a directory to build
the html slides with
docker run --rm -it -v `pwd`:/decker -p 8888:8888 html
or for Windows
docker run --rm -it -v %cd%:/decker -p 8888:8888 html
Exchange the `html` at the end of the command with your *decker* command of
choice. Beware that file updates are not propagated into the container so
`decker server` will not auto refresh.
## *decker* targets
- `decker version`
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