Commit f4b38c79 authored by Jan-Philipp Stauffert's avatar Jan-Philipp Stauffert
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Merge branch '111-unsolicited-builds' into 'master'

Added log, dist and code to alwaysExclude.

Closes #111

See merge request decker/decker!52
parents 9f44c804 c5ca35db
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ runShakeOnce state rules = do
targetDirs context =
unique $ map takeDirectory (context ^. targetList . sources)
alwaysExclude = ["public", ".shake", ".git", ".vscode"]
alwaysExclude = ["public", "log", "dist", "code", ".shake", ".git", ".vscode"]
excludeDirs meta =
let metaExclude =
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