Decker version 0.8.2

For detailed release notes please see this wiki page: Version 0.8.2 release notes

Windows Installer: Decker.msi (currently not available for 0.8.2)
MacOS Installer: Decker.pkg
MacOS Executable: decker
Linux Executable: decker

Edit Mon 28. Oct: For Windows please use the current "nightly" installer found here


  • Retry button for matching questionnaires + proper display of correct solutions
  • Changed quiz syntax to replace every occurrence of [ or ] with { or } due to pandoc 2.7 task lists. (see detailed v0.8.2 release notes)
  • Improved source code inclusion (see detailed v0.8.2 release notes)
  • Autoformatting (see detailed v0.8.2 release notes)
  • Update to pandoc 2.7 (includes emojis :smile: )
  • Experimental Uni Würzburg corporate templates (see detailed v0.8.2 release notes)

Bug Fixes:

  • MathJax fix, so that math formulas work in offline presentations and pdfs
  • Fix for multiple choice solution-button (previously always disabled the last MC question in a slide deck instead of the current one)
  • Bugfix: Retry button math formulas now get reloaded
  • CSS changes to code blocks
  • Further internal changes