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\newcommand{\pre}[1]{\texttt{#1}} % fuer typewriter Formatierung
\newcommand{\DSM}{\textcolor{black}{configuration space sub-model}}
\newcommand{\Amodel}{system architecture QoS model}
\newcommand{\AAmodel}{System architecture QoS model} % for capital A at the beginning of sentences.
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% Part IV: Discussion
\section{Release v1.0}
Initial release
\section{Release v2.0}
The v2.0 release changed various parts of DML. We changed the \textbf{package structure} from
\mbox{``edu.kit.ipd.descartes"} to \mbox{``tools.descartes.dml"} and renamed dmm to dml. We updated from Eclipse Kepler (skipping Luna and Mars) to \textbf{Eclipse Neon}. Moreover, we connected the meta-model to \textbf{Eclipse CDO} which is both a development-time model repository and a run-time persistence framework.
CDO offers transactions with save points, explicit locking, change notification, queries, temporality, branching, merging, offline and fail-over modes, etc.
% ⇒ Änderungen Comittbar (ask Simon Spinner) that makes changes comittable.
Besides these technical adjustments, we implemented the following meta-model changes, features and fixes:
\item [Model Validation] Improved model validation (greedy error collection, meaningful error message included in the DML prediction process)
\item [Tree Editors] Improved selection dialogs in tree editors.
\item Editor selection dialog displays only applicable/reasonable elements. The \textbf{filtering according to context} has been implemented for External Call (according to \texttt{InterfaceRequiringRole} and \texttt{Signature}),
Abstract Service Behavior (according to described \texttt{Signature} and \texttt{InterfaceProvidingRole}),
for Service Input Parameter (according to \texttt{Parameter}) %Sonst nichts, da alles andere überflüssig ist
ExternalCallParameter (filtering acording to \texttt{Parameter}s and \texttt{ExternalCall}s)
Further, we adjusted the following concerning usability
\item Editor selection dialog now shows \textbf{meaningful generated labels} that include type and hierarchical information. This enables to easily distinguish elements without cryptic id. %with same name
Behavior labels include Signature,
Call Parameter labels include Parameter,
Influenced Variable Reference includes Influenced Variable,
Relationship labels include if (in)dependent,
Component Instance Reference: Dependent/Independent, InfluencableModelVariable: composed label including multiple elements, Acquire/Release Action: Semaphore name as label
\item Added automated instantiation of derivable elements, e.g. the behavior for Parameters and the id of \texttt{SystemCallUserAction}.
\item The characterization of a \texttt{Relationship} is shown as attribute, instead of as child
\item [Developer Support] Added automated Eclipse development environment setup using Oomph launcher
\item [Resource Landscape Meta Model] Modifications to the resource landscape meta-model to conform to the Descartes Network Infrastructure (DNI):
%Resource Landscape: Piotr’s changes (see Klausurtagung Spring 2016)
\item Renamed \texttt{activeResourceType} to \texttt{processingResourceType}
\item Renamed \texttt{ComputingInfrastructure} to \texttt{ComputeNode}
\item Made \texttt{ActiveResourceSpecification} an abstract base class
\item Added Byte size to \texttt{ParameterCharacterizationType}
\item Removed \texttt{NetworkingInfrastructure} (Accurate network modeling and analysis is forwarded to DNI)
\item Changed \texttt{StorageInfrastructure} to \texttt{StorageNode}
\item \texttt{DataCenter} now contains the nodes
\item [Repository Meta Model] Modifications to influenceable variables
\item Introduced super class \texttt{InfluencableModelVariable} for \texttt{ControlFlow}, \texttt{Variable/Resource Demand/ResponseTime}
%\subitem InfluencableModelVariable: optionalen Namen hinzugefügt
\item Influenced Variable Reference: Nur noch Referenz auf eine InfluencableModelVariable \todo{Hier noch was}
\item \texttt{Parameter} is now abstract. Introduced new subtypes \texttt{InputParameter}, \texttt{OutputParameter}, and \texttt{InputOutputParameter} instead of attributes for \texttt{Parameter}.
%and removed modifier. (Type instead of attribute)
This enables parameter type checking within \texttt{ExternalCallParameter}, {ServiceInputParameter}
%: InputParameter instead of parameter,
% requires and output parameter. % instead of parameter
\item Characterization: now allows bytesize as well
\item Relationship: characterization is now attribute instead of child
\item [Usage Profile Meta Model] System attribute is now mandatory.
\item [DML Examples] created dml-examples project \footnote{\url{}} which contains examples and case studies
\item [Result Visualization] Updated Descartes Query Language (DQL) version and adjusted solving to plot response time samples (in addition to mean value analyses)
\item [QN Export] Added export dialog that transforms DML models to queueing network representation of the Java Modeling Tools(JMT) tool.
\item [Graphical System editor] Added an editor that enables to compose a system using repository components (see Figure \ref{fig:system_editor_gui}).
\caption{System editor screenshot}
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