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\title{Descartes Modeling Language -- Quick Start Guide}
\author{Johannes Grohmann, Simon Eismann, Jürgen Walter, Samuel Kounev}
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\section{Further reading}
More details about the Descartes Modeling Language (DML) can be found on the website \url{}.
There you can find a list of publications, a documentation of the meta-model and a modeling guide for starters.
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\title{First Steps with DML}
\date{{\large \today}
\author{Johannes Grohmann, Simon Eismann, Jürgen Walter}
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Jürgen Walter
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\Huge{Descartes Modeling Language -- \\ Quick Start Guide}
Johannes Grohmann\\
Simon Eismann\\
Jürgen Walter\\
Samuel Kounev
{\large \today}
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\Large{\RevNumber \\ \quad \\ \today}
The Descartes Modeling Language (DML) is an architecture-level modeling language for quality-of-service and resource management of modern dynamic IT systems and infrastructures.
DML is designed to serve as a basis for self-aware systems management during operation, ensuring that system quality-of-service requirements are continuously satisfied while infrastructure resources are utilized as efficiently as possible.
The term quality-of-service (QoS) is used to refer to performance (response time, throughput, scalability and efficiency) and dependability (availability, reliability and security).
What is DML?
The current version of DML is focused on performance and availability, however, the modeling language itself is designed in a generic fashion and it is intended to eventually support further QoS properties.
More information can be found on the tool website: \url{}.
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This document is a quick start guide, leading through installation and execution of the first query, written in Descartes Query Language (DQL).
No deeper technical knowledge or understanding of DML concepts is required, nor are the underlying concepts described or explained.
Instead, this document is intended to lead as a tutorial through the first steps with DML and to guide the reader in a hands-on fashion.
However, further information and guides as well as a list of scientific publications can be found on the tool website \url{}, explaining the fundamental concepts of the Descartes Modeling Language.
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The following steps guide you through the installation of the DML Bench.
\subsection{System Requirements}
In order to install DML, your system needs to meet the following prerequisites:
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\item \textbf{Operating System:} Windows 7/8/10, MacOS X or Linux, all 32-bit or 64-bit
\item \textbf{Java Runtime Environment:} at least 1.6
\item \textbf{Java Runtime Environment:} at least 1.8
\item \textbf{Eclipse:} Eclipse Standard 4.4 or higher\footnote{\url{}}, with the Eclipse Modeling Tools\footnote{\url{}} installed.
\subsection{New Installation}
......@@ -77,9 +76,8 @@ The easiest way to import is described in the following:
The projects usually contain multiple folders. The folder \emph{DML-Model} contains all DML model files required to specify the system.
For modeling the application architecture, there are a repository model and a system model. To model the resource landscape, there are resource landscape, container repository, and resource type model. Furthermore, there are deployment models connecting application architecture and resource landscape, as well as usage profile models.
For more detailed information about modeling, please see the modeling guide~\cite{??}.
\todoall{Link to the modeling guide}
\todoall{which cite/link to DQL?}
For more detailed information about modeling, please see the modeling guide on \url{}.
In order to solve the DML models, Descartes Query Language (DQL) queries are formulated. A set of example queries is contained in the folder \emph{DQL-Queries}.
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