Commit 915b3144 authored by Andreas Knote's avatar Andreas Knote
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Dockerfile: simplify theme build process, ensure consistent environment with bundle exec

parent 2997d1ba
......@@ -46,12 +46,11 @@ RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
FROM image_resize AS hci_theme
## Start prebuilding
COPY package.json /
RUN npm install --only=dev
## Build Theme from source
## Installs the built gem system-wide
COPY . /
RUN gem install bundler
RUN bundle install
RUN rake
RUN rm -rf node_modules
RUN rm package-lock.json
RUN bundle install && \
bundle exec rake gem && \
gem install hci-theme.gem && \
rm -rf node_modules && \
rm package-lock.json
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