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layouts/base.html: add alt tags to the header images for standard conformity

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......@@ -45,9 +45,9 @@
<header role="banner" class="page-header">
<div class="page-header__logo">
<a class="page-header__logo-link" title="Zur Startseite" href="">
<img src="{{ site.baseurl }}/assets/images/theme/uni-wuerzburg-logo.svg" class="page-header__logo-full">
<img src="{{ site.baseurl }}/assets/images/theme/uni-wuerzburg-logo.svg" class="page-header__logo-full" alt="Logo of the Julius-Maximilian-University">
<img src="{{ site.baseurl }}/assets/images/theme/uni-wuerzburg-header-background.png" class="page-header__logo-background">
<img src="{{ site.baseurl }}/assets/images/theme/uni-wuerzburg-header-background.png" class="page-header__logo-background" alt="The seal of the Julius-Maximilian-University on grey background">
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