Commit fdff3b80 authored by Andreas Knote's avatar Andreas Knote
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Rakefile: disable optional dependencies for node, adds comments

parent 184ca815
......@@ -8,13 +8,16 @@ require 'rake'
task :default => [:build]
task :build do
print 'Packing HCI-Theme'
# Webpack JS dependencies (partially extracted from node packages)
system 'npm install --dev-only'
puts '[Web-Packing HCI-Theme]'
system 'npm install --no-optional'
system 'npx webpack -p --config webpack.config.js --mode=production'
# Add (S)CSS and other resources
puts '[Gathering assets from Node]'
FileUtils.copy_entry 'node_modules/slick-carousel', '_sass/slick-carousel'
......@@ -39,6 +42,6 @@ CLOBBER << "_sass/slick-carousel"
CLEAN << "node_modules"
task :gem => [:build] do
print 'Building HCI-Theme gem'
puts '[Building HCI-Theme gem]'
system "gem build hci-theme.gemspec -o hci-theme.gem"
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