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Added pdflatexmkrc

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# Use of glossaries, extra indexes, epstopdf, and other images conversions
# Thanks to Herb Schulz
$pdflatex = 'pdflatex --shell-escape %O %S';
# Custom dependency for glossary/glossaries package
# if you make custom glossaries you may have to add items to the @cus_dep_list and corresponding sub-routines
add_cus_dep('glo', 'gls', 0, 'makeglo2gls');
sub makeglo2gls {
system("makeindex -s $_[0].ist -t $_[0].glg -o $_[0].gls $_[0].glo");
# The glossaries package, with the [acronym] option, produces a .acn file when processed with (xe/pdf)latex and
# then makeindex to process the .acn into .acr and finally runs of (xe/pdf)latex to read in the .acr file. Unfortunately
# the glossary package does just the reverse; i.e. (xe/pdf)latex processing produces a .acr files and makeindex then
# is used to convert the .acr file to a .acn file which is then ... . This dependency assumes the glossaries package.
add_cus_dep('acn', 'acr', 0, 'makeacn2acr');
sub makeacn2acr {
system("makeindex -s $_[0].ist -t $_[0].alg -o $_[0].acr $_[0].acn");
# for glossary package (Sigh...) --- they can co-exist!
add_cus_dep('acr', 'acn', 0, 'makeacr2acn');
sub makeacr2acn {
system("makeindex -s $_[0].ist -t $_[0].alg -o $_[0].acn $_[0].acr");
# example of an added custom glossary type that is used in some of the glossary/glossaries example files:
# this is for the new glossary type command \newglossary[nlg]{notation}{not}{ntn}{Notation} from the glossaries package
# NOTE: the glossary package uses a very different command: the <in-ext> and <out-ext>
# are reversed in the calling sequence :-(
add_cus_dep('ntn', 'not', 0, 'makentn2not');
sub makentn2not {
system("makeindex -s $_[0].ist -t $_[0].nlg -o $_[0].not $_[0].ntn");
# for the glossary package (Sigh...) --- they can co-exist!
add_cus_dep('not', 'ntn', 0, 'makenot2ntn');
sub makenot2ntn {
system("makeindex -s $_[0].ist -t $_[0].nlg -o $_[0].ntn $_[0].not");
# dependencies for custom indexes using the index package
# examples for sample.tex for index package:
add_cus_dep('adx', 'and', 0, 'makeadx2and');
sub makeadx2and {
system("makeindex -o $_[0].and $_[0].adx");
add_cus_dep('ndx', 'nnd', 0, 'makendx2nnd');
sub makendx2nnd {
system("makeindex -o $_[0].nnd $_[0].ndx");
add_cus_dep('ldx', 'lnd', 0, 'makeldx2lnd');
sub makeldx2lnd {
system("makeindex -o $_[0].lnd $_[0].ldx");
# Custom dependency and function for nomencl package
add_cus_dep('nlo', 'nls', 0, 'makenlo2nls');
sub makenlo2nls {
system("makeindex -s -o $_[0].nls $_[0].nlo");
# Custom dependency and function(s) for epstopdf package
# FOR USERS OF epstopf v1.4 and before: should also work with v1.5 and later
# note: you may get extras runs if you use the .eps extension in the \includgraphics command
# deletes an outdated pdf-image, and triggers a pdflatex-run
add_cus_dep('eps', 'pdf', 0, 'cus_dep_delete_dest');
# FOR USERS OF epstopdf v1.5 and later only:
# load it as \usepackage[update,prepend]{epstopdf}
# detects an outdated pdf-image, and triggers a pdflatex-run
#add_cus_dep('eps', 'pdf', 0, 'cus_dep_require_primary_run');
# Custom dependecy to convert tif to png
add_cus_dep('tif', 'png', 0, 'maketif2png');
sub maketif2png {
system("convert $_[0].tif $_[0].png");
# Mac usage
$pdf_previewer = "open -a /Applications/";
$clean_ext = "paux lox pdfsync out acn alg bbl run.xml ist";
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