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      Refactor - Replace Integral Images with cutting edge algorithm (#12) · 3d6727d3
      Brandon M. Petty authored
      Integral Image optimization has been replaced by the Chan algorithm, a cutting edge algorithm that is up to 3x faster while using only a fraction of the memory... and allows for processing large image files! 
      The default grayscale algorithm has also changed from Qt to Mean.
      Variance is now calculated using Population Variance instead of Sample Variance.  This only caused a 1 pixel difference with 2 algorithms.
      ISauvola has been abstracted so that it is very easy to make "Improved" versions of any algorithm in the list, not just Sauvola.
      Python bindings have been added along with a new set of demos for Python / PIL, C++ Qt and OpenCV, and JS with NodeJS and Web.
      Updating the same memory has was proven safe in UpdateToBinary(...), so no temporary image is being used anymore. 
      A BinarizationFactory class was added to help simplify using the library and for exposing new language bindings.
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      WASM Support (#8) · c6934651
      Brandon M. Petty authored
      Adding WASM support to the Doxa framework.  This is driving our web demo.  The Bataineh algorithm was also added, along with other minor improvements.
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      Add gitattributes so that Git will not affect our image files by trying to... · 3983d99c
      Brandon Petty authored
      Add gitattributes so that Git will not affect our image files by trying to change line ending character(s) by platform.
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      Fixed insidious formatting issue on Windows · 57156ee3
      Brandon M. Petty authored
      A very insidious issue crept up recently.  All of my Binarization tests were failing under Windows, but my Mac (using clang), generated identical images to what I was expecting.  This recently started happening all of the sudden, and even Otsu, my global thresholding algorithm, was effected.  It turns out that my base PPM image was not formatted correctly.  It used a Windows style return in the header which consists of 2 characters.  One of those characters was being read as image data, causing problems.  This has been corrected but the fact that it was working in Windows, and Clang builds on my Mac still work, leaves many questions.  I have some hunches.  This was no a code problem, just a bad sample image created by another tool.
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