Commit a8f39510 authored by Alexander Gehrke's avatar Alexander Gehrke
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Add type annotations to all generated subclasses

parent 6ce0c7ae
......@@ -5,14 +5,14 @@ import pypagexml.ds as ds
import pypagexml.ds.generated as dsgen
def new_document(metadata: Optional[ds.MetadataType], page: Optional[ds.PageType]) -> ds.PcGtsTypeSub:
def new_document(metadata: Optional[ds.MetadataType], page: Optional[ds.PageType] = None) -> ds.PcGtsTypeSub:
doc = ds.PcGtsTypeSub(
metadata=metadata if metadata is not None else ds.MetadataTypeSub.default(),
return doc
def new_document_from_image(path: str, metadata: Optional[ds.MetadataType]) -> ds.PcGtsTypeSub:
def new_document_from_image(path: str, metadata: Optional[ds.MetadataType] = None) -> ds.PcGtsTypeSub:
im =
w = im.width
h = im.height
......@@ -740,7 +740,6 @@ CDATA_pattern_ = re_.compile(r"<!\[CDATA\[.*?\]\]>", re_.DOTALL)
# Change this to redirect the generated superclass module to use a
# specific subclass module.
import pypagexml.ds.subclasses
CurrentSubclassModule_ = None
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