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# timgsn_client
Client for the Telematics Internation Mission Ground Station Network (TIMGSN)
## Tested Environment
This client was tested with the following Environment:
- *Ubuntu 20.04 LTS*
- *Python 3.8.10*
## Requrirements
To install the required Python packages:
``` {.sh}
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
To interface with the SDR Hardware and do the signal processing GNU Radio and [gr-timgsn]( is used.
## Configuring
To configure the Client add your groundstation configuration to `app\models\' by cloning the existing **jmuw_uhf.json** file.
Additionally **settings.json** has to be modified to with all the informations specific to the ground Station
## Security
The Secuirty certificates for the MQTT server have to be added to the `security` folder.
## Tracking Notification
To allow for the Client to control the tracking of the ground-station a function can be implemented in a seperate python file under `app\client\hardware\`. The notify start tracking function is then called with the necesarry informations to start Tracking a satellite.
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