Commit a24b8a9f authored by tu's avatar tu Committed by Markus Krug
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added pictures for the tutorial

parent ea816fc7
......@@ -2241,7 +2241,7 @@ public class RedeWiedergabeView extends AEditorSubordinateViewPart {
updateAnnotation(metaDataList.get(0), timeStampFeat, timestampValue, true);
String versionValue = metaDataList.get(0).getFeatureValueAsString(versionFeat);
versionValue = "0.0.12a 0.0.1s";
versionValue = "0.0.13a 0.0.1s";
//versionValue = "0.0.8a 0.0.1s";
updateAnnotation(metaDataList.get(0), versionFeat, versionValue, true);
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